Tuna Recipes

Tuna Recipes

Tuna is a fantastically versatile fish, simply because it is just so available. You can buy tinned tuna in every supermarket, either in oil or water, and you can also buy tuna steaks from most supermarkets. If you're planning on serving seared tuna or raw tuna, go to a speciality fishmonger and buy either high grade or sushi grade tuna to get the best quality fish. We have plenty of recipes below for both tinned tuna and fresh tuna, including tinned tuna creamy baked tagliatelle, Hawaiian tuna sushi and Asian inspired tuna noodle salad.

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About Tuna Fish:

Tinned tuna is a fantastic store-cupboard ingredient as you can use it to make so many meals, from salads to sandwich fillers, to sophisticated pasta sauces and creamy savoury bakes. Fresh tuna is also hugely versatile — you can serve it seared, as sushi, or cooked all the way through on the BBQ.

Fresh tuna steaks usually come without bones, although this may differ depending on your fishmonger so just ask if you are unsure. You'll get more flavour using tuna with the bones in, as the bones impart flavour during cooking, but this does make things a little more difficult when you come to eating the fish. If you want to cook your tuna without the bones, ask your fishmonger to remove them for you to make things easier.

Take a look above for lots of tuna recipes, including a recipe for breaded and fried tuna, tuna fishcakes and a wonderful recipe for sesame encrusted tuna steaks with a soy dipping sauce.

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